Monday, August 15, 2011

Odd Things I Saw - Hold Hands with your iPhone Hand Case

Check out the Latest iPhone accessory for sale! It's the Hand iPhone Case - ooooh! Now you can take your relationship with your iphone one step further by holding hands with it.

This iphone case has a lifelike latex hand attached to the phone case. It kind of reminds me of the freaky detached hand in the film 'The Addams Family'.

Imagine... watching someone talk on their iPhone and a hand was poking out on the side of the face - wouldn't that be WEIRD! Or, if a guy had their iphone in their back jean pocket and you saw fingers poking over the top. Or Ladies, if you were rummaging through your bag looking for things and you suddenly felt a hand - Wouldn't that make you jump?

This iphone hand was designed for lonely people - it allows them to have the feeling of holding a loved one's hand. The hand comes in two sizes: adult female hand, or a child's hand.

The iphone hand case can be used to hold multiple items, like your glasses, or pens and make up. This hand retails for $60 at Rakuten website. You never know, you might find having an extra hand very handy. Or, this would make a hilarious birthday present for your mate.

Images sourced: LA Times Blog

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