Friday, August 26, 2011

Korean Film Festival - Melbourne 2011

The Korean film festival begins in Melbourne on 10th of September. It will run until the 13th of September.

They have a great line up of movies which include: A Barefoot dream, The secret reunion. The man from nowhere. I highly recommend The Man from nowhere, it stars Won Bin. I reviewed this movie earlier in the year, you can check out my review on the website. I was browsing the Korean festival website, they had a section called Spotlight with Won Bin’s profile on it. And I thought Won Bin was attending the event, so I was beside myself. Anyway, turns out his not attending. None of the Korean actors are attending. That is a bit of a bummer.

I love Korean cinema. They are producing many incredible and original films. Hollywood has taken notice of that, so they’ve been re-marking Korean films and inviting the talented actors to star in their Hollywood films.

If you were to only watch one film at this years Korean film festival, I recommend Man from nowhere. It has a great storyline, lots of action and brilliant performances. This is Won Bin’s best performance to date. In my review for this movie, I did mention how incredibly violent this film is. It’s probably the most violent film I have seen. It’s a lot worse than the Kill Bill movies.

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