Friday, August 26, 2011

Sean Aiken from One Week Job

A Big Thank You to Sean for being a guest on the CherriiPOP show! Thank you so much for chatting to me all the way from Vancouver!

Sean Aiken, founder and star of the One Week Job project shares his experiences about finding his passion by working one job a week for one year. In total he worked 52 jobs, ranging from hollywood producer, baker, martial arts instructor.

He gives inspiring and practical advice for people who are in search of their passion.

Special Announcement - One Week Job - Australia is coming. Sean is coming to Australia later this year, to launch this exciting project. This will be his first trip to Australia!!!

Listen to this inspiring chat
Sean Aiken from One Week Job on The CherriiPOP by CherriiPOPShow

Visit Sean's website for more info about his film and book.

Photos from Sean's One Week Job Journey

Photos - One Week Job

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