Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest Faustina Agolley on the CherriiPOP show

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to Faustina Agolley for chatting to me. Thank you for being the first celebrity guest on the CherriiPOP Show.

Faustina is an inspiring person! I can't emphasize that enough. I am thrilled to have had the chance to chat to her. I hope you guys enjoy listening to our chat.

Faustina is a music expert. She has interviewed the biggest names in the industry including Usher, Rihanna, Missy Higgins, on Australia’s iconic music show Video Hits! She’s a local girl, who studied at Melbourne Uni and RMIT. She’s also a model, dj and spokesperson for numerous charities. She is one of Australia’s most loved personalities!

Listen to Part 1

Asian Pop Music, Modeling, TV, University, Channel 10

Faustina being a music expert; I asked her if she listened to Asian Pop Music. She talks about her journey to her dream job of hosting the iconic music show Video Hits. In her first year of hosting Video Hits, she was studying to complete her double degree. She explains why she chose to complete her degrees and not defer it after landing her dream job.
Faustina Agolley on CherriipopPt 1 by CherriiPOPShow

Listen to Part 2

Video Hits, Alicia Keys, Future, New York, Inspiration

Faustina talks about the end of Video Hits and what she will miss most about the show. Did you know her favourite artist to interview was Alicia Keys? Faustina describes that moment as a career highlight. She is about to start a new chapter, Faustina shares her future plans. Faustina tells us who have been the biggest inspiration in her life.
Faustina Agolley on Cherriipop Pt2 by CherriiPOPShow

Online podcast special

Faustina talks about her passion for geography and how she hopes to get more people interested in this area.
Faustina Agolley on Cherriipop Web Exclusive by CherriiPOPShow

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