Sunday, August 7, 2011

CherriiPOP Season 4 Premiere, 7pm 12th August 2011

We are back for season 4! Season premiere kicks off tomorrow night at 7pm, Tune in @

I'm thrilled to be back in studio. We've got lots planned for this season: more guests, more music, more stories. Does that sound exciting?

For season 4, I'll be inviting inspiring people on the show. My first guest for the season is Video Hits host, Faustina Agolley. She'll be on next week's show - Be sure to tune in for that special. I'm so thrilled to have her on! If you would like to suggest a guest, send it in to our facebook page!

During our off season, I've been busy renovating the website. I've added in tabs and separate pages for different show segments. Surf around and let me know what you think. My personal favourite tab is 'Odd Things I saw'.

Keep sending in your comments, shout outs, song requests & dedications.

Remember to tune in tomorrow for the Special Season 4 Premiere.

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