Friday, August 26, 2011

MANIFEST 2011, Aug 26-28th

It's that time of year again, when all you Melbourne cosplayers can roam the city streets - It's Manifest weekend. The venue for this year's Manifest is the Melbourne Showgrounds.

There are many devoted cosplayers in this city. I shared some amazing pictures from last year’s manifest that my friend took. Serious cosplayers put a lot of effort in their costumes, trying to get every detail perfect. Cosplayers also become the character when they are in costume. They take on the character’s mannerisms. It’s cool to watch them. None of my friends are cosplayers. Some are anime fans, I found out some friends will be attending this years Manifest. They will be going tomorrow.

You know, If I were to do cosplay, I would dress up as L from deathnote. Partly because the costume would be easy to put together. L’s outfit is so simple compared to like sailor moon, naruto. To be L, I would just have to wear blue jeans and a white top. Mess up my hair and wear a lot of eyeliner. The other thing I like about L is his mannerism, his hunched over all the time and behaves kind of oddly. I find it fascinating.

At Manifest, there will be competitions for best cosplay outfit.There will be anime screenings.

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I’d love to post up your pictures from the event. If you are cosplaying or taking pictures with cosplayers, send them in to me on facebook.

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