Friday, November 5, 2010

Odd things I saw… Lockable Donut Case

Japan comes up with the coolest gadgets and knick knacks. I came across this cool accessory, it’s a lockable donut case.

Do you like to carry your donut in a lightweight case that will keep your donut fresh, tasty and not soggy? Well this ‘donut to go’ case can do exactly that. It’s got a ‘passive ventilation system’ basically little holes in the donut case so the donut doesn’t get soggy. Other features include a neat little handle so you can carry it around, and also a padlock so you can lock up your donut. Is the lock really necessary? Who is going to steal your donut? Well maybe someone that is super hungry but isn’t a dual locking system a bit much? And what happens if you lose the key? I guess you won’t have donut for lunch then.

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