Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The best bits of CherriiPOP in 2010

This is our season finale! Our last episode for the year so I thought I’ll take you down CherriiPOP’s memory lane… CherriiPOP made its debut at the start of the year on Radio Monash. The first show was quite a memorable one for me! I really wanted to make a great debut for CherriiPOP! I was quite nervous but really excited about the show airing. I made little memos for me to help me run the show and I also had 2 guests on the show to help make my debut.

Being the first CherriiPOP show, naturally I was telling everyone I knew to tune in! The show got off to a good start, I played some awesome tracks, presented CherriiPOP segments with lots of energy and I thought the show was going nice and smoothly. Fifteen minutes in to the show people started to call me and asked “Are you on the air yet?”. I said, ‘Yes? I am, aren’t I?”. Everyone said I wasn’t and some random guy was being broadcasted instead. So I started to panic and was trying to figure out why I wasn’t being broadcasted. The studio computer is a MAC and I’m a PC person, so I wasn’t that familiar with the Apple platform. That certainly didn’t help, but after 15 minutes I finally figured why I was not being broadcasted. The radio show before mine had put the online streaming offline! Usually it’s left online, well after I put it back online I was freaking out and had to re-start the show. This time it wasn’t as lively as the original, I was so sorry about the hiccup and apologising to the listeners.

My 2 guests on the first show, Linh and Lien are good friends of mine and they really help me calm down and put the show back on track. I was really happy they were there. I felt like the show’s debut totally bombed but everyone said it wasn’t that bad and encouraged me to do better for the future shows! Well I think I have improved and the show has too! I want to thank everyone for listening! I’m so thrilled that the show has been on air for one year now and I hope you guys have enjoyed listening.

Looking back, I think my debut show is quite funny because I was talking to myself practically for 15 minutes! Back then, after the show aired it didn’t feel funny at all, I felt so crushed because it wasn’t how the show was suppose to pan out. It is definitely an unforgettable moment for me.

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