Friday, November 12, 2010

Odd Things I saw – 2010 WRAP UP

This is one of my favourite segments on the show. It’s a segment where I talk about Odd things I saw on holiday or in my everyday life. Our ‘Odd things I saw’ gallery has expanded during the year, I’m going to reflect on some of my favourite ones.

There are a lot of odd things in Japan, like cucumber flavoured coke? Cherry blossom flavoured Kit Kat! Their confectionary is far more diverse than our boring selection. We only have one flavoured Kit Kat, they have about 30! Another funny one is the Tokyo Tower mascot, it’s a huge long pink thing… yes… well you can have a look at the picture yourself. It looks like a pink crayon in overalls. Little kids hug it when they go on school excursions to Tokyo Tower. LOL

In Korea I saw some interesting stuff too. Deep fried bees, are you game enough to eat it? I wasn’t, but it was such a novelty to have a look at it.

My friend’s watch also made it on this segment. It’s no ordinary watch, it’s so much cooler than all the other watches in the world! It’s a binary watch!! It doesn’t have the normal hour and second hands ticking away. The watch face consists of numbers 1 and 0 running across the screen and you have to add them up to tell the time! Cool or Geeky? It’s a bit of both.

I have a new Odd Things I saw for this week. Triumph Japan, the bra company released a new high tech tourist bra. The inspiration for this bra comes from the tour guide’s uniform (Isn’t that an interesting source of inspiration for a bra), its more of a bustier than a bra. Features of the bra include: a display of sightseeing spots (that means you can put photos on the bustier), three buttons that you can press and it will emit audio greetings in 3 languages (English, Japanese and Korean). On the sides of the bustier are slots for tourist flag poles. If that doesn’t sound ridiculous enough, there is even skirt that is attachable to the bustier and it can flip up to reveal a map of Japan. Somehow I don’t think tour guides in Japan will be wearing these bustiers and skirts anytime soon. It is quite a funny story thought.

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