Wednesday, November 3, 2010

‘The Hills’ Japanese Style

‘The Hills’ is a reality TV show that revolves around 4 young women. The show documents their lives and all the drama in it. In almost every episode one of the stars is crying over something. A few months ago the series finale aired and the secret of the show was finally unveiled and everything was staged! Nothing was real, interesting isn’t it?

Well MTV International are planning on a Japanese version of the show that follows four young women who hang out in Shibuya and Harajuku, and are trying to make it in the fashion and entertainment industry as well. This sounds like a show I would be interested in, Shibuya and Harajuku are such exciting places to hang out. I wonder if the girls will hang out in hosts clubs?

If you don’t know what a host club is, it’s basically a club where woman go to buy conversation with young hot guys… They don’t really buy conversation per say, they buy drinks for themselves and their ‘host’ and they will chat throughout the night. It’s sort of like a pseudo relationship. They guys will prey on the girl a bit and she’ll keep coming back to see him. The host’s salary is commission based and it all depends on the amount of drinks he sells. Usually hosts don’t see their clients outside of the bar, so for her to see him for another date she has to go back to the bar and buy drinks.

Back to the Japanese ‘The Hills’ show, 12 thirty-minute episodes will start airing January 2011. The show is expected to air in Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

As for the series name, maybe they should call it ‘Tokyo Girls’ or something that will capture the essence of Tokyo.

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