Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 bids Farewell to VPOP Princess Bao Han

Vpop's princess Bao Han, one of the most loved and successful artist is retiring from the music industry at the end of 2010, after 18 years in the business. She made the announcement to her fans on her website through a heartfelt letter. During 2010 she has toured the world to farewell her fans in concert. She still has a few more scheduled concerts in the US, so you still have time to see her perform.

I have been a fan of Bao Han since her debut in the industry. She is vibrant, always re-inventing and challenging herself to bring something new for her fans. My favourite songs of hers include: Remember You Remember Me, Talk To My Heart, Thank You, First Love and so much more.

Although I have known about her retirement since last year I still can’t imagine the Vpop music scene without Bao Han. She has contributed a lot to the industry and been a significant Vpop artist. Her music has meant a lot to me and I admired her talent and creativity. It will take a while for me to fully accept that she has retired. I wish her all the best in the next chapter in her life! She will be missed deeply but her music will always live on.

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