Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Earn $31,000 in one hour! Working at Domino’s Japan

Would you like to earn $31,000 for one hours work? That is equivalent to a year’s salary for many people. You may think – this sounds too good to be true earning $31,000 in 60 minutes. Well, as unbelievable as it sounds Domino’s Japan is offering this one off pay to one lucky person.

Why are they doing this??? To commemorate Domino’s 25th anniversary in Japan and 50th in the world. This December Domino’s Japan will hire one lucky person to work for one hour at a rate of $31,000. Domino’s is keeping a lot of the details secretive at the moment BUT more details will be released on November 11. Another thing we do know is anyone over the age of 18 will qualify for the opportunity.

Domino’s has copped some flack for this marketing campaign with some stating that there would be better uses for the money such as increasing employee salaries.

Another interesting promotion they are running for their 25th anniversary is: anyone born on the September 30th this year – which is the date that the very first Domino’s store opened in Japan – will receive a free pizza on their birthday until they turn 25. That is pretty cool! The parents of the babies born on this date must remember to claim their free pizza for the first few years because the baby won’t be able to eat pizza yet! Lol!

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