Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Music Wrap up – Solo Endeavours, Comebacks and Good-byes

So much has happened in this year in the Music industry! Everything moves at a very fast pace in Asia. We saw a lot of group members go out and do there solo projects, many artists making their comeback after a few years absence and I mentioned earlier in the show many huge names are bidding permanent and temporary farewells to the business like Bao Han, Utada and Rain.

This year we saw huge Kpop artists return after a few years trying to break in to the American music scene. Yep! Boa and Se7en! Boa was absent for 5 years (I can’t believe it was that long) and she definitely made a spectacular comeback to KPOP releasing her new album ‘Hurricane Venus’. With her epic comeback she had a whole blonde look and a new sound. Se7en made a huge comeback as well, displaying a more mature look and showing up some new tattoos. Both of them didn’t quite get the response they were hoping for in America, but they are incredibly talented so I hope they can crack the market in the near future.

We saw a lot of popular band members go out and release their own solo singles like Taeyang from Big Bang, Ga In from Brown Eye Girls and heaps more. No, they didn’t leave the group! They have received a lot of success for their solo projects, with singles topping the charts. Taeyang’s MV for ‘I’ll be there’ was incredible; it has a bit of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ feel with slick dancing and zombies.

SMAP the ultimate boy band are still dominating the Oricon charts after nearly 2 decades in the business! Their single ‘This is love’ debut at number one and it goes to show they guys still got it!

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