Friday, September 23, 2011

Odd Things I Saw: Zombie Wedding Photos

Every couple wants magnificent wedding photos for their special day. Generally, couples want classic photos where they look like they stepped out of a fairytale. However, Korean couple Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee decided to break the mould.

Instead of the fairytale themed wedding photos, they chose a zombie themed wedding photos. YUP! Zombie themed. Not very romantic, but definitely funny.

Let me set up the scenario. Like in a horror film, the couple is having a romantic picnic in the garden. Suddenly, a hideous zombie (a paid actor in full make-up and costume) jumps out and starts to attack the couple.

Out of nowhere, the couple pulls out a knife and a shovel to attack the zombie. (Question: Who carries a shovel on a date?). After they defeat the zombie, the couple shares a tender kiss under the sun. How sweet.

These photos will need some explaining to their children. Full marks for originality.

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