Thursday, September 29, 2011

Odd Things I saw – Padlocks of Love, China

For thousands of years in China, padlocks have been used to symbolize an everlasting marriage. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

To have an everlasting love, the couple must have their names engraved on a padlock. On an ancient tree with red ribbons, the couple must fasten their padlock and throw away the key in to a nearby waterway. This will lock, or should I say unite their love forever.

Couples can also lock their padlock on the Great Wall of China and throw the key down the mountain. Another popular place for love locks is Mt Huangshan in China. Lovers make a promise of a lifetime on the mountain with the witness of the heaven’s blue sky and white clouds. They will throw the key down the cliff, sealing their love.

It’s uncertain where this tradition originated in the world. Some sources speculate that it was China. This ancient tradition is commonly practiced today, with many love lock sites around the world e.g. Russia, Japan, France.

Before you lock your love with someone, make sure they are the right person!

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  1. Cool pics! China is the best for the padlocks collection and it's really good to hear that Padlocks is the symbolize an everlasting marriage. Keep it up! :)