Friday, September 9, 2011

Nathan Sawaya - LEGO Artist

Thank you so much to Nathan Sawaya for chatting to us all the way from Los Angeles.

Nathan has the coolest and most unique job in the world - he is a LEGO Artist. He chats about his passion for LEGO and some of the challenges in LEGO building. Before making an impact in the fine art world with his LEGO art, he worked as a corporate lawyer. How did me make the transition from LAW to LEGO? Listen to this fascinating chat!

Nathan Sawaya - Lego Artist on Cherriipop Show by CherriiPOPShow

His Art Exhibition 'The Art of the Brick' is currently showing at Federation Square, Melbourne. The exhibition is on until the 9th of October. The exhibition is AMAZING!!! EXTRAORDINARY!!! Nathan demonstrates the versatility of LEGO in his artwork, building everything from the T-REX skeleton, life size human forms, portraits. For details about the exhibition, visit

View his amazing LEGO artwork gallery on his website at

Nathan working his magic. Check out the tubs of LEGO in the background! So COOL.

Anh & I at Nathan's Art Exhibit 'The Art of the Brick' in Federation Square, Melbourne. We're imitating Nathan's iconic LEGO artwork 'YELLOW'

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