Friday, September 30, 2011

Brooke Huuskes - Transplant Australia

Thank you so much to Brooke for sharing her inspiring story on the show.

Brooke Huuskes will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Transplant Australia. Her dream of going to Mt Kilimanjaro would not have been possible if she had not recieved the lifesaving kidney transplant. She hopes that her journey to Mt Kilimanjaro will raise awareness about organ donation and help others who are still waiting for the lifesaving transplant.

Brooke was born with reflux nephropathy, which resulted her kidneys to be damaged at an early age. A significant amount of her youth and teen years were spent visiting doctors; who were closely monitoring her kidney function. It was hard, but Brooke chose to live her life to the fullest and live with no regrets.

Listen to Brooke share her inspiring story.
Her joy and enthusiasm for life is truly amazing.
Brooke Huuskes - Transplant Australia on CherriiPOP show by cherriipoptheshow

To support her journey, or read more about it visit:

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