Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 year old girl – The Sake Expert

Akane Niikura, a ten year old girl has become the youngest certified sake connoisseur in the world. (Is it just me, but does it seem wrong to see a young girl next to bottles & bottles of alcohol?)

Don’t be alarmed, she actually has not tasted any alcohol in her life. So how did she become an expert in sake? Her skills come from her sense of smell and the knowledge of what to look for as sake flows down the side of the glass. Her ability allows her to pick the perfect sake to complement meals.

I find it mind boggling that she knows so much about sake without tasting it. Not surprisingly, her mother is the owner of a sake bar. That is where she acquired all her sake knowledge.

After school, Akane works at the bar with her mother, helping customers choose sake.

When she grows up, she wants to own a sake bar just like her mother.

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