Friday, September 2, 2011

Odd Things I Saw - Virtual Shop, South Korea

The first Virtual Shop has opened in Seoul!!! Let me explain, the store is real, but the products are all virtual. The store (Homeplus) will have images of 500 products ranging from milk, egg, pasta sauce, tissues, cameras - To buy these items, all the customer needs to do is to scan the product barcode using their smartphone! Cool hey?

All the items you buy will be delivered to your house. That will save you from carrying bags of groceries to the car.

The first virtual stores was opened at Seolleung Train Station in Southern Seoul. The train station has around 200,000 commuters everyday. They can expect many shoppers to visit their virtual store.

If you think that wasn't cool enough, Homeplus is also planning to launch the Homeplus app in February. This will allow customers to get direct access to the Virtual shop.

Homeplus CEO Lee Seung-hand said store chains need to respond quickly to changing consumer behaviour, and the virtual store will cater for skyrocketing smartphone users in Korea.

I wonder if this virtual shop idea will come to Australia anytime soon?

Photos: Korea Joong gang Daily

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