Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daniel Henney talks about his Number 1 Fan

In a recent Q&A session, Hollywood actor Daniel Henney answered questions that were sent to him by his fans, this lead him to talk about his number 1 fan Kim So Young.

Kim So Young has touched Daniel's heart by all the support and dedication she has given to him. She attended all his fan meetings, helped decorate the venue and ensured everyone was having a good time. She didn't want recognition for her work and told Daniel's team not to tell Daniel about her efforts.

Sadly, Kim was diagnosed with cancer and she did not want Daniel to feel sad for her; true to her nature she hid this from him. But he always knew of her condition because his team kept him up to date. Kim continued to help out at Daniel's fan meetings. But her health was deteriorating, this prevented her from helping out but she continued attending the his fan meetings with a smile.

Her condition worsened and she was hospitalised. Daniel and his team regularly sent her videos to help keep her spirits up. Last year, she passed away. This news was hard on Daniel.

A week after her death, a cake was sent to Daniel's office. It was from Kim, she had asked a friend to help her organise it. Kim wanted to thank Daniel and his team for everything, for the joy they gave her.

It is clear that Kim has a special place in Daniel's heart.

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