Thursday, March 22, 2012

Odd Things I Saw - Vibrating tattoo ??

If a gazillion ring tones or vibrations weren't enough to alert you that your phone was ringing - well now you can get 'magnetic tattoos' that will vibrate when someone is calling you. This is real, and not from some sci-fi movie or novel.

Firstly I want to ask, who came up with this idea? Secondly, who would want a vibrating tattoo accessory to go with a mobile phone?

This technology was recently patented in the US. Presumably, the inventors plan to make big bucks with this idea. Well that is the whole purpose of getting a patent.

So the idea is, ferromagnetic inks will be tattooed on the skin. When someone calls or the phone is running low on batteries the tattoo would vibrate. In order for the user to stop their tattoo from vibrating, all they have to do is scratch their skin.

Worse case scenario - what if the user scratches their skin and the tattoo won't stop vibrating? What then? How would they troubleshoot this... Get the tattoo removed?

Also! Wouldn't you freak out if your skin was vibrating? What if you use your phone a lot, your skin would be 'vibrating' all day.

This is the most ridiculous and insane invention I ever heard. And usually, ridiculous and insane ideas turn out to be brilliant and cutting edge. But for this invention, I truly believe it's quite crazy.

What are your thoughts?

Reference: The Telegraph

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