Thursday, March 22, 2012

Movie review: 21 Jump St

The unlikely pairing of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the movie reboot of the 80's television series 21 Jump St can certainly raise eyebrows.

Jonah Hill who is part of the Apatow alumni is proving to be a comedy heavyweight in the industry. Besides, starring and producing this film - he also wrote it with Michael Bacall. Jonah has comedy credentials.

Moving on to Channing. He is best known for the Step Up movies, action flicks such as GI Joe... So it seems that he is an odd choice for an action comedy who is starring opposite Jonah Hill. However, let me remind you - early on in Channing's career he did dabble in the comedy film 'She's the man'. That is one of my favoourite films! It's a fun film. Channing does have a knack for comedy.

The plot of the film is quite silly but guarantees some hilarious moments. In a nutshell, Jonah and Channing play 2 cops who have to go undercover as high school students and try to bust a drug ring at a high school. What could possibly go wrong in their mission?? Well plenty actually - they are dealing with hormone driven high school students.

Jonah and Channing's chemistry is obvious! They make a great comedic duo, everyone in the cinema were bursting out in laughter at the crazy and gross things they get up to. Remember, Jonah is part of the Apatow alumni - so you can expect some dirty dirty jokes.

This is a crazy fun film - I highly recommend it. 4/5 stars

P.S. A sequel is now in the works because of the success of this one. Looking forward to seeing Jonah and Channing together again!

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