Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 1st 'Odd Things I saw for 2011' - Japan Hair salon stools for kids

The segment ‘Odd Things I saw’ is back for 2011. This is one of my favourite segments on the show. This is where I share odd things I saw in my everyday life or on holiday.

I came across this photo when I was reading the news. The story was about how the Japanese government is now allowing hairdressers to cut hair at evacuation shelters or makeshift shops, following the disasters. The previous law only allowed hairdressers to work in authorized shops. The disaster had destroyed many businesses, now the government is relaxing this law.

What caught my attention was the cool chair the child was sitting in - a car chair. I thought that was very odd and so cool! They can play with the steering wheel. Children would love getting their hair cut if they got to sit in a car chair. I wonder if there is an adult version?

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