Friday, May 20, 2011

Odd Things I saw - Yarn Graffiti

Winter has started early in Melbourne, too early for my liking. Everyone has to rug up and wear many layers when outside. Well I came across this interesting story for Odd things I saw this week.

Yarn Graffiti is the coolest type of vandalism out there and its taking over the world! What is it you ask? Well, artists ‘yarn bomb’ a site by covering an area with knitted artwork. This is how the New York Times described Yarn bombing which I find really profound: Yarn bombing takes the most matronly craft (knitting) and that most maternal gestures (wrapping something cold in a warm blanket) and transfers it to the urban landscape.

Another name for Yarn Graffiti is Grandma Graffiti. Lots of world landmarks have been yarn bombed. Here are some pics of Yarn Graffiti. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Watch the Toyota Prius get yarn bombed

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