Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain talks about his future @ Macau Press conference

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Rain's macau concert & future by CherriiPOP

My favourite singer Rain tweeted some cool pics of his Macau tour this week. I really like his disappearing act photo.

Rain held a press conference before his concert on May 14. Organisers made sure the press weren't allowed to ask questions about his upcoming military service (which has been delayed until the end of this year). His enlistment date has been pushed back a number of times, due to his study and work commitments. It would be hard for Rain to leave his successful career and join the army for 2 years.

During the press conference, Rain was happy to talk about his new movie ‘Living in the Sky’ where he plays a pilot. He expressed his interest in taking on more action and romantic roles in the future.

It is my dream to see him live in concert! But things haven’t worked out yet! Like in 2007, when I went to China for a holiday, Rain came to Sydney for the first time to perform! When I heard, I was absolutely devastated. Last year I went to Korea and I think Rain was out of the country. The upside was I saw his face everywhere on everything. Even at the airport, there was a life size cardboard cut out of him.

I plan to make a tribute video for him, like what US comedian, and host Stephen Colbert did. That is my next project. I’ll keep you posted.

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