Thursday, May 10, 2012

Odd Things I saw - Ice Pack Bra ?

This week, underwear firm Triumph Japan launched a novelty bra that has built in ice packs in an effort to keep women's chest area cool during the hot summer.

Yes I am serious, and it seems Triumph Japan are serious too. Some of the features of this 'cool' bra include gel padding that remains soft even when frozen. LOL!

Would you want to wear 2 ice packs under you clothes everywhere on a hot sunny day? I don't see how practical this cool bra is and what kind of market research they undertook to come up with this idea. Who exactly is their target market.

When you start to ponder about this idea a bit more, I wonder how long the bra stays 'cool' for and what their user feedback would be like. But hey, let's not forget Japan did also invent the Man Bra... so maybe this ice pack bra will be a hit.

This bra is Triumph's contribution to the Nation's 'Cool Biz' campaign, where companies are finding innovative ways for Japanese people to conserve energy.

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