Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mickey Mouse supports gay marriage, Japan

After much talk in US politics about gay marriage, President Obama has finally expressed his support for gay couples to tie the knot. Another high profile person has also expressed their support for gay marriage is Mickey Mouse in Japan.

Same sex couples are able to have their dream fairytale wedding at Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. However, the unions are not recognised legally.

Having a same sex wedding at Tokyo Disney does come with a few conditions.

Firstly, couples are required to be dressed 'like a man and a woman'... Doesn't this restrict the couples freedom and expression to get married? What if they both want to wear flowing wedding dresses or tuxedos. Staff explained that the same sex marriage would create 'repercussions' among the visitors when they saw 2 brides or 2 grooms... Again... what the? Doesn't this take away from the whole point of allowing gay couples to wed?

Soon (after realising their "support" was actually  not supportive), they revised their policy to allow couples to wear what they want.

Then, to further outrage couples, Disney staff said gay couples are not allowed to exchange marriage vows at the onsite chapel 'because of Christian teaching'. How is that support for gay marriage?

It's like they are saying:

"Oh yes! You can have your wedding at our venue. We support gay marriage. But your marriage will not be legal, we'll give you a hard time about what you can and cannot wear, PLUS! You are not allowed to exchange marriage vows at the Disney chapel 'because of Christian teachings."

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Reference: AFP

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