Thursday, May 24, 2012

Odd Things I Saw - Toilet mural

To all you  love birds out there. When you want to do something romantic for your partner, what would you do? Wine, dine, buy some flowers or maybe jewellery.

Well, Chinese artist Wei Hua came up with an innovative idea and gift for his future wife. He created a wall of toilets and arranged roses in the toilet to form a love heart. I don't entirely understand how toilets came in to the equation of a romantic gift for his beloved.

The art piece is appropriately named the 'toilet waterfall'. A total of 6,000 roses were put in the toilets. 

Me personally, I think he should have just given her the 6,000 roses (that''s like a florist shop) that is romantic. I think the addition of toilets is overkill, but it definitely will leave a long lasting impression for her and the whole town. lol

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