Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Singapore Government - The Couple Matchmaker

It's hard finding someone you like in the jungle dating scene, let alone your soul mate. Your family can pester you about settling down and starting a family, now imagine your government hassling you too!

The Singaporean government is planning to do just that - helping unmarried citizens find their match. You must be thinking why would the government want to play matchmaker? The reasons: The Singaporean government is concerned about the country's low fertily rate & how young people are reluctant to get married and have kids.

I think people are just enjoying single life and focusing on their careers before they say 'I do' and produce offspring.

Don't you think it is a bit inappropriate for the goverment to meddle with people's personal lives? On the other hand, they might do a brilliant job at matchmaking - they do have information about the whole population.

The specifics about how the Singaporean goverment matchmaking policy haven't been revealed yet. With their great concern about fertility rate, there will be lots of talk in parliament.

Here are some stats: The percentage of single young women aged 25-29 reached 62% in 2010, this is a huge increase from the 46% of single women in 2000. Interestingly the article didn't quote the percentage of single men in Singapore. Sounds like Singapore will be a great place to meet lots of single people!

What do you guys think? Would you like the government to interfere in your dating life?

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