Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japanese men arrested for growing hemp in Tokyo Park

The natural disasters in Japan have been a focal point for news the past few weeks. There have been many tragic and heroic stories. So when I came across this story, I felt it was a bit random.

On the 4th of April, 2 men were arrested for growing marijuana in Tokyo Park. One of the men, Kentaro Adachi, aged 23 explained to the Police 'It was for our own personal use'. LOL! He's very frank and didn't beat around the bush.

The men planted the hemp in the park where they would care for it at night time. The 1.8 metre tall plants were spotted by a park employee who reported it to police. 1.8 metres is not discrete at all! They had grown 35 of these trees!

When asked why the men chose to grow hemp in a public place, they were quoted as saying they used to play there as children so they knew the area well.

It appears that these 2 men wanted to be caught and weren't fussed when they were caught.


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