Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Martian Virus TV - Girl who hasn't brushed her teeth for 10 years!! (oh I feel bad for her boyfriend)

There is this weird korean TV show called 'Martian Virus', where guests share their odd stories. When you get the chance you should youtube Martian Virus to watch previous guests on the show. Some guests include a man marrying his pillow girlfriend (This is quite common in Japan and Korea is catching on). Another guests claims her diet consists of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. The odd thing about this story is - she's very slim. How can someone who claims to eat 1.2 tonnes of chocolate be a size 4-6.

The story I want to talk about is this 20 year old woman Ji Hyun Ji. She claims to have stopped brushing her teeth 10 years ago. The last time she brushed her teeth was when her mum brushed it for her. She's so lazy!!!!! I can't believe it.

She says "I do not understand why people should brush their teeth, as it is not like others will look into your mouth. As food scrapples piles on, they will actually protect my teeth"

I'm dumbfounded... where do you begin to argue with her logic

She goes on saying, she only wipes her front teeth with a tissue on special occasions.

With the help of a dentist and experts on the show, they will try to convince this woman to brush her teeth!!

I can't imagine what her breath and teeth will be like. I'm quite horrified - I'm really fussy about taking care of my teeth.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I normally enjoy watching martian virus but this i have never seen. She's so weird, She's somewhat like the girl who moves like a baby where her boyfriend feeds, washes, clothes, and even sing lullabys for the girl! I can't believe how lazy they are!!!