Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kpop Stars & Actors Join Twitterverse

Twitterverse is expanding with more and more celebs joining! Everyone is catching twitter fever.

Rain had many 'posers' on twitter, I thought 1 of them was the real Rain and I kept twittering to him how much i love him... LOL... and I got a tweet back saying 'I love you too'. I nearly fell over my chair. Sadly that wasn't the real Rain. This is the official Rain twitter @29rain. He use to tweet a lot, in korean (I wish i could understand) then suddenly he deleted all his tweets. Now he doesn't tweet anything!!! But he has all these followers. I found out why he deleted his tweets, he posted photos on his twitter of him and Jun Ji-hyun and it caused quite a stir in the news and amongst netizens. The thing is everyone thinks they are dating but they both deny it. Interesting... Well, I hope Rain starts tweeting again so he can talk to his fans. I still need to convince him to come to Australia.

Another newbie to twitter is the handsome actor Daniel Henney @danielhenney. It was announced previously on CherriiPOP that Daniel is also starring with Rain in the new TV drama 'Fugitive'. Daniel tweets in english, so lucky for me - I can understand it. It's pretty cool that he interacts a lot with his fans; he tweets about his daily life and posts heaps photos up. His agency also tweets for him as well. Remember to welcome him to twitter!

Songstress Chae Yeon @Chaeyeon_lee is preparing for her big comeback to the music industry. She has been tweeting about the process to her fans, posting photos from dance rehearsal . She tweets a lot - so check it out. Again, she tweets in Korean - I really must learn the language since I follow all these kpop stars. LOLz

Other Stars are:

Boys Before Flower Cast:
Lee Minho @ActorLeeMinHo
Kim Bum @ActorKimBeom
Kim Hyun Joon @hyungjun87 (SS501 Lead singer)

Solo Artists:
Lee Soo Young @singer_lee

Most Kpop groups are twitterbugs as well, groups like: 2AM, 2PM, After School, BEAST, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, F. Cuz, FT Island, Girl's Day, KARA, MBLAQ, One Way, Rainbow, SG Wannabe, SS501, Super Junior, T-ara, T-Max to name a few.

Start expanding your twitter follow list!

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