Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) July 22 - Aug 8. Lots of great films from Asian Cinema!

Movie lovers must check out the MIFF festival ! MIFF Showcases the best of world cinema. With over 50 countries participating in this year's festival, it's diverse program will surely cater for everyone's taste in film.

Here is an overview of the films from Asian Cinema in MIFF.

- 1428
- Apart Together
- City of Life and Death
- Like a Dream
- Petition
- The Search

Hong Kong
- Dream Home
- Like a Dream
- Love in a Puff

- The Dreamer

- Air Doll
- Beetle Queen conquers Tokyo
- Caterpillar
- First Squad, the moment of truth
- Kanikosen
- Mai Mai Miracle
- Summer Wars
- Symbol
- In a pig's eye
- Still in Cosmos

- Karaoke

- For Y'R height only
- Independencia
- Lola

South Korea
- The Actresses (Interesting film, reminds me of the tv show 'The hills')
- Hahaha
- The housemaid (classic and remake versions)
- Paju
- Poetry
- A perm
- The wonder hospital

- Au Revoir Taipai
- Like a dream

- A letter to uncle Boonmee

- Adrift

Enjoy the MIFF festival everyone!

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