Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congrats to Paris by Night for their 100th Show

Paris By Night, the long running VPOP music show has celebrated it's 100th concert in Las Vegas over the weekend. Famous for their highly talented singers and elaborate stage shows, Paris by Night exceeded everyone's expectations to mark this special anniversary!

It was also Vpop Princess Bao Han's final appearance on Paris By Night after an amazing 18 years with the production company. She announced on her official website that she will retire from the entertainment industry after 2010, to return to her home country Vienna and start a new chapter in her life. Many fans were tearful during her final interview on the stage that made her the worldwide Vpop superstar. Bao Han is currently on tour worldwide to farewell her fans in person. She kicked off her Australian tour today! Her first concert is in Sydney, Adelaide on Sunday and finally her last ever concert in Australia is in Melbourne on Sunday. Be sure to catch her on this special Aussie Farewell tour.

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