Thursday, July 7, 2011

Odd Things I saw - Meat Water

Okay, so we're all familiar with vitamin water, mineral water... but have you heard of MEAT WATER???? I'm serious, this drink really exists. Vegetarians and vegans must be put off by the name.

I was reading Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu's blog. He mentioned that he was drinking this product for training. It got me curious so I did a quickie research about it.

Meat contains protein. Protein is made up of amino acids linked together. This drink contains 22 amino acids. Hence for the name 'Meat water'.

Meat water comes in a wide range of odd flavours... when i say odd, I really mean ODD!!!

e.g. stuffed quail, fish and chips, dirty hot dog, spam water, english breakfast, sashimi, bbq wings, venison, italian meatballs......

The list goes on and on... I'm not sure how they taste, I should try it one day... My initial feeling is that it might taste gross... but I hope that I'm wrong!

I should propose to the company to make a Pho flavour meat water!

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