Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kmovie Review : Haru - An Extraordinary Day in Korea (2010)

Tourism marketing is getting more and more inventive as time goes on. Forget those 2 minute TV ads starring sun tanned models, with odd slogans 'Where the bloody hell are you'. Tourism campaigns are getting more creative, slicker and BIGGER - think Tourism Australia inviting Oprah and her audience for 'The Ultimate Outback Adventure'. That campaign was mammoth - generating huge buzz world wide. I wonder how Tourism Australia plans to top that one.

Korea 'thought outside of the box' and took a unique approach to promoting tourism - by making a Movie. Well a short movie to be exact, the film is 30 minutes. Who should star in this tourism film? The next generation of Hallyu stars, including Kim Bum, U-Kiss, Big Bang, Han Chae Young.

It is an interesting concept for tourism. Hallyu stars - 'Korean wave' are highly popular worldwide, it is ideal for them to star in this film to promote Korean tourism.

The film starts off with a huge bang, literally - a man is running away from missiles shot out of a plan... Not what you would expect for a tourism film. It left me completely puzzled.

The film then bounces around to different scenes with different actors. We see Kim Bum on the train flirting with a girl; Han Chae Young as a secret agent; Big Bang on a playground. It feels like someone randomly put a romcom, an action and a drama movie in to a blender and ended up with a big old mess.

It's all over the place, it felt like a tourism advert that was 28 minutes too long. It did not showcase Korea. The whole time we see the actors smile and smile somem more. The whole time during the movie I was thinking, what am I watching? There'z no storyline, so it's not a film. They aren't promoting anything, it's not an ad. I have no idea what it is.

The film seems to be aimed for young teen girls, they will sure enjoy staring at their idols in this film. All the actors look good in this film.

I was underwhelmed watching this film, the film didn't meet its aim in promoting Korea tourism.

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