Sunday, February 20, 2011

Would you like some McFries with Your McWedding?

Remember those awesome birthday parties you had at McDonalds as a kid? Where you and your friends ate Happy Meals, played in the colorful McDonald’s playground, got face painting and took photos with the Ronald McDonald statue. Wouldn’t you like to relive those days and plan your wedding at McDonalds?

Now exclusive to Maccas, you can order your own McWedding for a small price of $1280AUD (only available in Hong Kong). This McWedding includes awesome pink invitation cards decorated with the famous golden arches, d├ęcor featuring the man himself – Ronald McDonald and $385 worth of fries and cheeseburgers.

You can order extras for your McWedding such as: white balloon gown rental ($165), balloon wedding cake ($88), huge pink McDonald’s backdrop ($321).

You can choose to say your vowels in the McDonald’s carpark, McDonald’s playground, McCafe, Drive thru, or in front of the ordering counter. Luckily McDonald’s are open 24 hours so you and your guests can party through the night.

Order your McWedding today!

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