Thursday, February 3, 2011

'What Women Want' The Hong Kong Adaptation starring Andy Lau & Gong Li

'What Women Want', the highly successful RomCom film released in the year 2000 starring Hollywood's most bankable stars (at the time) Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt IS getting the Hong Kong Make-Over! With superstars Andy Lau and Gong Li in the lead roles.

Now, when I search my memory I can't seem to remember a modern Hollywood Film getting adapted by Asian film makers before (thinking)... Usually it's the other way around! Hollywood has adapted many successful Asian Films in recent years like The Lake House (from Korea's 'Il Mare'), The Departed (from Hong Kong's blockbuster trilogy 'The Departed') and not to mention all the Japanese Horror films like The Ring, The Grudge. So it's particularly interesting that Hong Kong Film makers have taken a liking to this Hollywood RomCom film.

Being a RomCom walking encyclopedia, the premise for 'What Women Want' is quite original - Giving an alpha male who is clueless about women, the powers to hear ALL their thoughts. This power is highly desirable for men wanting to understand women... but do they really want to know what their ex- really thinks of them uncensored? Or what their daughter is getting up to with her boyfriend? That is dangerous territory...

Andy Lau the King of Hong Kong Cinema, whose movie career has spanned over 3 decades is the lucky guy who is bestowed with this telepathic power. We are accustomed to seeing him in dramatic & action roles, we tend to forget how brilliant he is comedically. The stunning Gong Li, whose film career is equally as impressive, plays his frenemy and love interest. Of all the Gong Li films I have watched, I actually have not seen her in a romantic comedy. This can't be her first romantic comedy? Well I am quite eager to see her in this film and see her lighter side.

It will be interesting to see if this film surpasses the Hollywood orginal!!

This film was released yesterday on Chinese New Year! In Melbourne you can catch it at the Chinatown cinema. For everywhere else, check your local guide!

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