Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11, Make a Wish

Today, Friday the 11-11-11 marks a date that is only seen once every century. Many believe that this day will provide good fortune and they are using this day to their advantage.

Many couples will be getting married on this auspicious day, because many believe it result in a happy life together. In Las Vegas, it is expected that over 3,000 couples will be tying the not today - three times the usual number (Washington Post).

Casinos are expecting a spike in people visiting, because gamblers are superstitious bunch.

Vikki MacKinnon, a numerologist in Calgary, Ontario, said she expects the day to be a “cosmic wake-up call.”

“Eleven is a number of illumination and enlightenment, a number of insight, blinding flashes of the obvious, and a number of transformation, I think really good things will come out of [11-11-11].”

I hope you all experience good luck today! If something out of the ordinary happened to you on 11-11-11 share it with us.

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