Saturday, January 22, 2011

Film Review: Morning Glory

In this comedy drama, the competitiveness and cut throat world of TV morning shows are explored. To top off this interesting basis for a chick flick, a dream cast that includes Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson, Ty Burrell and Jeff Goldblum. You can expect some pretty funny laughs in this film.

In the opening scene we meet protagonist Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) who got fired from her job at the local TV station. She feels down in the gutter with nothing, no job, no love, no nothing. Then miraculously (in feel good movies) her luck changes and she gets offered Executive Producer for the struggling morning show Daybreak. When she arrives at the show, no one takes her seriously or expects her to last long in the job because Executive Producers come and go as fast as you can count up to three. Of course, Becky is out to prove them wrong and she’s determined to turn this show in to a success.

Becky being the underdog you can’t help but rally for her throughout the movie. Sometimes her desperation to make the show a success makes her a wee bit annoying, but you do have to admire her passion for the show. What disappointed me most was Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford’s roles were not substantial and meaty enough in their frenemy co-anchor relationship. Diane and Harrison had some good comedic, but I would have liked them to head butt a bit more. Also Patrick Wilson’s character as the leading man Adam who woos Becky, did not get enough screen time either.

Don’t expect too much from this film, but it is a nice feel good movie to see with your gal pals. (3/5)

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