Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Review – Koizora (Jmovie)

Japanese film makers are masters of story telling. They know how to explore the characters in depth and the story moves at a pace that allows the audience to get attached to the characters.

Koizora, which means Sky of love, is a moving love story between 2 high school students. Mika a sweet, softly spoken, innocent girl and Hiro, a bleached haired bad boy. He takes a liking to Mika and cleverly gets her number without her knowing. Then he starts to call her and talks to her, but she wants to know who he is but he won’t tell her. They start to talk more on the phone and open up to each. One day Hiro decides to reveal his identity to Mika, so they meet. Mika is shocked to find that the sensitive, funny guy she was talking to all along was the ‘scary silver haired guy’ in her year level. She runs away after their meeting, confused. After some time she sees that he is the same guy she talked to on the phone, they start to date each other. Hiro’s ex girlfriend Saki terrorises Mika in evil ways, causing Mika substantial pain and suffering. Hiro tries to protect her and seeks revenge on anyone that dared to hurt Mika. Then their love story takes a turn.

I found this movie very moving and the two leading star’s performance amazing and realistic. I was surprised to learn that they were 17 when they acted in this movie. The maturity in their performance, I thought they might have been in their 20’s acting in a teen role. I got teary eyed in so many scenes, they had to face so many challenges together. I think this is an amazing movie so you should check it out. I give it 5/5 stars.

After the movie Koizora was released, a TV drama comprising of 6 episodes was made. I need to check that out. If you have seen it, let me know what you think of it. Which one did you like better? The movie or TV drama.

Both the Leading stars of the Koizora Movie: Aragaku Yui and Miura Haruma are singers. It seems everyone in showbiz is a double, triple, quadruple threat these days. Haruma’s song Konjoy Nashi is a great track with an awesome beat, I’ve been listening to it all week. Yui actually sang the theme song for Koizora – Heavenly days. It's a sweet song that has a touch of sadness.

Guess what? My movie review of Koizora is published on the SBS Film website

Have a read =D It's so exciting!!!!

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